With trail running, cross country skiing and snowshoeing Black Forest Trail Running is offering a wide range of sports in the field of long distance. Our coaches can look back to up to 35 years of experience in the endurance sector including race participation and coaching. For those, who are interested in these sports and feel comfortable with our kind of education, we offer individual training that goes beyond running and develops fitness, athletic, core strength, coordinative skills, balance, and flexibility. This offer is aimed to individuals like the beginner, who wants to grow, the competitive athlete or the busy manager as well as to company running groups or athletes of team sports. Our training concept comprises 

Technique: observation, correction, instruction

Flexibility: stretching for body and mind

Coordinative skills: training by trail running and specific exercises

Speed: specific exercises

Strength, elasticity, strength endurance: strengthening of running specific supporting core muscles

Endurance: general and specific toward races, adapted to the race season

Regeneration: Sauna, Yoga

Nutrition, incl. race specific: advice

Performance diagnostics: in cooperation with Jens Piotraschke, Ph.D., Praxis3 (www.praxis3.de)

Theory: basics of training physiology


In this way we offer an all including health management.